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Oil & Gas

 The main activity in the oil and gas industry concerns the issues of ensuring the safe operation of main oil, gas and product pipelines. We carry out the development and scientific and technical work for: support decision-making on the assessment dangerous of operational defects detected by non-destructive testing tools; optimization and trouble-free maintenance; simulation of technological processes and accident; declaration of security based on risk analysis; carrying out an assessment of the technical condition of the pipelines in potentially hazardous areas, etc.

The defect danger and allowable pressure estimation for oil, gas and product pipelines

The structural strength was evaluated according to the results of pipeline inline inspection (using internal diagnostic scratchier) using “StrengthPro” software and “PressureMaster” on the base of requirements of the following standards: DSTU-N B V.2.3-21:2008  or API 579.

Comprehensive investigation of the technical condition of 500 km of sections of main gas pipelines of large diameter "UPU" and "PROGRESS"

Comprehensive assessment of the technical condition of gas pipelines 1420 mm at sites between 5 compressor stations to determine the need for modernization of equipment and reconstruction of the most loaded areas is made.

Assessment of technical state of aerial pipelines crossings on the basis of diagnostics and analysis of the stress state

Implementation of a complex of works on the assessment of the technical condition of aerial pipelines crossings on the basis of diagnostic works, topogeodetic positioning of all elements and the construction of a spatial computer model for assessing the stressed state.

Technical support during repairing of the pipeline air crossings of gas pipelines

A mathematical model for determining the static stress-strain state of the pipeline during its lifting and maintenance over emergency supports during the execution of repair work on supports is developed.

Simulation of the process of drawing a pipe through the pipeline with a larger diameter

During operation the metal of pipelines losses necessary properties and different kinds of defects are appearing. Areas that have exhausted their resources have to be repaired or replaced completely. However, for underwater pipelines process of replacement is very costly. One of the cheap way is the drawing through the existing pipe the smaller diameter one.

Water hammer event on aboveground section of oil piping during hydro test

The reason for the destruction of the air piping was a waterhammer due to a guillotine rupture of the underground section of the oil pipeline (500 m to the transition) during the hydraulic tests.

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