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About company

The company was founded in 1996 on the basis of the Institute of Strength Problems named Pisarenko G. S. of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and his activity is aimed at providing highly qualified engineering services for the basic activities of the industry: nuclear and thermal energy, petrochemical industry and pipeline transport.

Since 2008, the company has become a certified supplier of services to NNEGC "Energoatom".

   The enterprise provides services in the following facility:


  • all kinds of analytical and digital analyzes for equipment and pipelines of NPP;

  • 3D modeling of equipment and industrial pipelines;

  • implementation of a wide range of calculations for strength, reliability, vibration and seismic resistance of equipment and pipelines;

  • performing probabilistic analyzes based on physically sound risk-oriented approaches and the Monte Carlo simulator;

  • development of sectoral and state normative and technical documentation, calculation methods, work programs;

  • development of analytical and numerical algorithms, software and settlement complexes;

  • performance of work on the study of the degradation of the properties of materials, the establishment of mechanisms for aging, assessment of the degree of danger identified defects in accordance with national and international standards;

  • analytical modeling of technological and transitional processes, emergency situations;

  • performance of work on the assessment of technical condition, extension of service life and equipment qualification;

  • performance monitoring and evaluation of technical condition;

  • performance of search investigation of the framework of innovative projects.

The results of the enterprise are estimated model equipment and results of the calculations for the strength, stability and reliability of equipment and pipelines (static and cyclic strength, fracture analysis, vibration and seismic resistance, risk analysis, optimization of control parameters, improvement and optimization of operational processes).

The company owns certified software products: Ansys, 3DPipeMaster, SIF Master, PipeMovement.

The qualification of the personnel is confirmed by high scientific and technical indicators, manifold publications in the rating national and foreign scientific and technical journals, participation in conferences and forums under the favor of the world scientific and technical associations ASME, ESIS, as well as joint projects with well-known international organizations: IAEA, FRAMATOME (France), Westinhaus, Skoda, Rosen BV (The Netherlands).

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