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Assessment of technical state of aerial pipelines crossings on the basis of diagnostics and analysis of the stress state

Implementation of a complex of works on the assessment of the technical condition of aerial pipelines crossings on the basis of diagnostic works, topogeodetic positioning of all elements and the construction of a spatial computer model for assessing the stressed state.


  IPP-Center Ltd. performs a full range of services on expert technical diagnostics of underground crossings of main gas pipelines (UCMGP) of small and large diameter.

  Visual-optical and instrumental types of non-destructive testing:

  • Complete complex of geodetic measurements and products

  • Calculation of stress-strain state for different operating modes of the pipeline

  • Calculation of safety factors according to SNiP 2-05-06-85 and other standard

  • Defect assessment according to DSTU-N B V.2.3.-21: 2008 and other standard

  • Calculation of the possibility of passing the diagnostic and cleaning device

  • Expert lifetime prolongation of UCMGP

  • A full range of services for expert technical diagnostic of the following UCMGPs has been completed:

     - 25 UCMGPs in 2013-2014 for UMG PRIKARPATTRANSGAZ

     - 12 UCMGPs in 2015 for UMG PRIKARPATTRANSGAZ

     - 3 UCMGPs for 2015-2016 for the UMG CHERKASSYTRANSGAZ

     - 4 UCMGPs in 2016-2017 years for UMG CHERKASSYTRANSGAZ

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