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The main field of activity for the mine production industry is the safety of high-risk engineering objects located in the areas of mining and undergo significant geological influence from soil displacements. On the basis of the computer simulation of the movement of the environment and technological objects interacting with it, we are able to identify the most dangerous zones, and to offer activities to ensure the integrity and stability of the technological equipment. 

Simulation and monitoring of the stress state of pipelines caused by soils displacement in the areas of mine production

Within the framework of the project a full range of works is being carried out to ensure the safe operation of main gas pipelines in mine production areas. For this purpose, both the calculations of the predicted stressed state of the gas pipeline and monitoring for changing the stress during the mine production are carried out.

Investigation and simulation of the stressed state of the gas pipeline to ensure the development of design documentation for the reconstruction of pipelines in the area of mine production

Reconstruction of the gas pipelines in the zones of mine production is carried out in order to ensure their safe operation from the planned mine lavas for a period up to 15 years.

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