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Designed for calculations of the stress-strain state of pipelines located in complicated geothermal conditions: landslides, temperature variations, etc.

Allows to model the behavior of pipelines in the zone of artificial and natural landslides of soil, to analyze the stability of underground and above ground pipelines.

Features of the program:

  • elastic-plastic modeling of the interaction of the pipeline and the soil in the case of transverse and longitudinal displacements with the achievement of high accuracy of calculations is used;

  • the possibility of installing different types of soils on different sections of the pipeline;

  • consideration of large displacements and angles of rotation;

  • consideration of unilateral and bilateral contacts with ruptures.


 The program allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • determination of the stressed state of the pipeline and reproduction of its geometry using its spatial coordinates at discrete points;

  • calculation of the position of the pipeline and the forces of interaction with the soil in conditions of landslips and soil deposition;

  • analysis of loss of pipeline stability in air and in the environment, calculation of its supercritical state;

  • reproduction of the position and tense state of the pipeline lying on the seabed.

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