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 Activity in the field of energy is aimed at prolonging the operation of power units, reassessing safety and optimizing the regulation of operation in order to increase the reliability of operation of nuclear and thermal power plants. It is carried out on the basis of computer modeling of strength and prediction of durability, studying and taking into account mechanisms of aging of materials, research of influence of operating factors, introduction of modern safety concepts and directives of international and national regulators.

Prolongation of the operation life of reactor housings and 1st circuit equipment

  Extension of the resource life of the reactors, equipment and pipelines of the first and second contours after the expiration of the project lifetime on the basis of a complex of works on revision of design bases and a reassessment of the safety of power units.

Implementation of the Leak-Before-Break concept at NPP power units

On the basis of the calculation and experimental substantiation for pipelines with a diameter of more than 150 mm, the Leak-Before-Break concept was introduced on the majority of Ukrainian NPPs.

Justification of reduction of hydraulic tests pressure on the strength of 1st and 2nd circuits of NPPs with WWER-1000 and VVER-440 type reactors 

In accordance with the IAEA guidelines INSAG-25 the general calculation basis for justification of pressure reduction of hydraulic pressure test for primary and second circuit of 1st and 2nd class equipment of NPP has been developed.

Nuclear Steam Pipeline Vibration

Checking the status of steam lines and supporting elements in the unit A-820 to provide vibration resistance. Development of technical measures to reduce the vibration load on steam lines in the A-820.

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