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 Scientists and engineers of the enterprise constantly improve their qualification by: introduction of new knowledge in the calculation technologies; development of new types of calculations and software; involvement in promising inquiry areas of research.
   The search work relates to the improvement of the calculation models of engineering analysis, the development of author's analytical approaches in modeling processes, performing experiments, creating diagnostic and measurement systems, publishing and presenting results in international journals and conferences.


Our work is related to analytical and numerical modeling of the materials behavior, structures and processes to ensure their safe operation. We continuously improve our models to increase their accuracy and initiate new searches projects to solve non-standard engineering tasks.


The experience of successful implementation of experimental research work of our employees in obtaining academic degrees in academic institutions allowed to continue such activities in carrying out experimental projects for the needs of the industry. 

Monitoring system

The applied field of activity is the development and implementation of monitoring systems of the technical condition and geometric parameters of the responsible equipment at the stage of preparatory works on the selection of structural elements during installation and during the operation phase to assess the current stressed state.

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