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SIF master

Designed to predict the integrity and durability of structural elements with crack-like defects in the process of thermo and forces loading to estimate the reserve strength of the RPV under thermal shock conditions, taking into account postulated axial and ring cracks of different geometries. Allows you to calculate the failure probability  based on the Master Curve method.

 Features of the program:

  • calculation of stress intensity factors (SIF) and temperature reserve according to the data of arbitrary distributions of stresses and temperatures given tabularly of arbitrary size;

  • the SIF and the limit load value of brittle strength are determined for each point of the contour of the crack;

  • various methods for defining the functions of critical SIF and laws of defect growth;

  • analisys of zones of welds and base metal;

  • taking into account surfacing;

  • taking into account the decrease in the intensity of the radiation effect with the thickness of the RPV wall

The program can be used to assess the safety of RPV and pressure vessel with postulated cracks under the influence of high pressure and temperature.

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