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Simulation and monitoring of the stress state of pipelines caused by soils displacement in the areas of mine production

 Within the framework of the project a full range of works is being carried out to ensure the safe operation of main gas pipelines in mine production areas. For this purpose, both the calculations of the predicted stressed state of the gas pipeline and monitoring for changing the stress during the mine production are carried out.

  The project includes the following activities:

- calculation of the predicted stress state of the pipeline in zones of influence of mine production. Input data uses predicted values ​​of soil displacements, which are realized when passing a concrete mine lava;

- determination of gas pipe sections with unacceptable values ​​of stresses and formation activities to reduce the high level of stress state. The choice of optimal activities is carried out by calculation simulation of various variants and combinations of possible ways of reducing stresses. As possible activities can be used: cutting the gas pipeline, excavation with a backflow; excavation with reverse sand filling; installation of compensators;

- installation of monitoring systems of the stress state in the most loaded zones of the gas pipeline;

- observation of the process of changing the stress state and analysis of the technical state of the gas pipeline during the development of a mine lava.

  Simulation of the stressed state of the gas pipeline is carried out by using the domestic software "PipeMovement". Monitoring of stresses change process is performed by own online measurement system on the basis of strain gauges.

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