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Investigation and simulation of the stressed state of the gas pipeline to ensure the development of design documentation for the reconstruction of pipelines in the area of mine production

реконструкція газопроводу.jpg

Reconstruction of the gas pipelines in the zones of mine production is carried out in order to ensure their safe operation from the planned mine lavas for a period up to 15 years. In view of this, the following works have been completed:

  • the criterion of the maximum permissible stresses in the gas pipeline-drainage for reliable operation during the planned years of working out of the mine lava is established. The criterion is based on the strength of welded joints under the action of longitudinal forces and in the presence of postulated defects;

  • ensuring the permissible level of longitudinal stresses in the gas pipeline by selecting the optimal variants of placement of areas with sand blasting and areas with increased wall thickness;

  • to monitor the stresses of the gas pipeline during the planned production of mine lavas and the assessment of the current stress state of the gas pipeline, a measurement system on the basis strain gauge sensors was developed . The position of the measuring points is selected taking into account the maximum predictive stresses for each of the planned years of mine production. Additionally, intermediate strain gauges are installed in order to monitor the load processes and a more exact understanding of the stress-strain state of the gas pipeline.

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