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Nuclear Steam Pipeline Vibration

 Checking the status of steam lines and supporting elements in the unit A-820 to provide vibration resistance. Development of technical measures to reduce the vibration load on steam lines in the A-820.

 The following tasks are addressed within the framework of the improvement measures:

  • The model of steam lines in the 3D PipeMaster software system is developed on the basis of real geometry in design and operational documentation. Four pipelines in the A-820 are considered, taking into account geometric and physical parameters and their fixation. The stress-strain state under normal operation conditions is calculated.

  • The natural mechanical frequencies calculations of pipelines were  performed.

  • A hydromechanical model of pipeline fluctuations for the analysis of acoustic vibrations of steam lines was created.

  • A mathematical model of coupled acoustic-mechanical vibrations of a pipeline (mechanics) and a pair (acoustics) is developed.

  • Measurements of vibration characteristics of steam pipelines together with fastening elements, including spring suspensions and supports.

  • The level of vibration acceleration is measured for operating levels of 90 and 100%.

  Diagnostic equipment for performing vibration acceleration measurements of steam lines has been developed. This equipment allows you to receive and process data by four channels of measurements.

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