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Monitoring system of the stressed state of pipelines located in the zones of mine workings
Система моніторингу.jpg

The online monitoring system is intended to measure the change in the values ​​of stresses in real time at potentially dangerous sections of pipelines. Measurement points of the monitoring system are installed on the most loaded pipe sections and provide measurement the change of the state of stress in the online mode. The system allows to transmit data about the tension of the pipeline to the server computer with a certain time step remotely and to assess the real-time stress state of the pipeline to prevent its fracture.

  The online monitoring system – is an autonomous system, which is located directly on the pipe and uses sensing elements to measure deformations. The measuring system consists of an analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a microprocessor, a power supply and a memory module. Such equipment allows to collect and record the measurement data. Information about the measurements in time intervals for 1 hour is recorded in the internal memory of the measuring system and once every 24 hours is transferred to the system of data collection and storage. The measuring system has its own battery, which, if necessary, is fueled from an autonomous point of collection and sending of information. The energy consumption of the measuring system is optimized by switching on for the measuring period (for example, 1 time per hour). All the rest of the time the system is in standby.

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